Sarawita Kristos Maheber

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Located in Fiche (the centre of the Semien Shewa Zone of Oromia Region)

Launhardt, p. 65, on Bible Churchmen’s Missionary Society (BCMS): 

With the Italian occupation, Mr Buxton’s work an for the time being the whole work of the BCMS in Ethiopia, came to an end. After World War II, literary work was restarted, a Bible School reopened at Fiche, and some new programs commenced by the BCMS.”

The members of Serawite Kristos Maheber included

Hymn Book

Mazmura berhan (‘Songs of Light’). Addis Ababa: Sarawita Kristos Maheber, 1955/56 (1948 AM).

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(Added is Marianne Nilsson’s transcription
of selected melodies)

For further reading

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