Sarawita Kristos Maheber


Located in Fiche (the centre of the Semien Shewa Zone of Oromia Region)

Launhardt, p. 65, on Bible Churchmen’s Missionary Society (BCMS): 

With the Italian occupation, Mr Buxton’s work an for the time being the whole work of the BCMS in Ethiopia, came to an end. After World War II, literary work was restarted, a Bible School reopened at Fiche, and some new programs commenced by the BCMS.”

Launhardt, p. 272 on Memre Sileshi Wolde Mikael:

Sileshi was born in 1931 at Selale and started, six years of age, attending the school of the Orthodox priest in the area. From 1944-1948 he stayed at Gondar being instructed in Digua, Tsome Digua, and Zemare, by famous Orthodox teachers. In 1948 he returned to Selale and was trained in the art of Qinne. In 1949 he started to work as deacon and later as priest at the Fiche St. George Church. As teacher of Qinne he was awarded the title “Memhir”.

During his time in Fiche he met Mr. Stokes from the BCMS, and decided in 1953 to attend the BCMS Bible School. Sileshi joined that group which called itself “Serawite Kristos“.

In 1954 he was employed as evangelist for Serawite Kristos and worked in Addis Ababa, Sukuala, Debre Berhan, and Gojam facing a lot of problems because of his new evangelical conviction. He was detained at nearly all places of his evangelistic service, and often even tortured, nut always used the prison to speak about faith in Christ.

In 1956 Memre Sileshi was called by the SIM to teach at Dilla […;

fn 839: Sileshi Wolde Mikael, oral information, 14 Nov. 1997). p. 273: Memhir Sileshi became a member of MYC in 1961, moved to Addis in 1970, served as radio evangelist at Yemisrach Dimts Radio Station for 11 years; then Executive Secr. of new Addis Ababa Synod]

Hymn Book

Mazmura berhan (‘Songs of Light’). Addis Ababa: Sarawita Kristos Maheber, 1955/56 (1948 AM).

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(Added is Marianne Nilsson’s transcription of selected melodies)

For further reading

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