Amharech Esatu

Amharech Esatu (Hadiyyisa: Amaarachchi Isaatu) was born in Qanticho, Sooro District, Hadiyya Zone around 1965. After being baptized in the Kale Heywet church, she became a member of the local congregation’s choir. The church district evangelist, Simeon Sullaamo, encouraged her to use her musical gift for God.

In 1983, Amharech started singing as a solo singer. She was one of the two first female gospel singers using Hadiyyisa as a language of worship. Amharech drew some inspiration from Kebebush Atebo, the first female gospel singer in the neighbouring Kambaata area. Among Amharech’s supporters were her father, singer and evangelist Samuel Siboro (father of gospel singer Yosef Samuel) as well as a member of Mekane Yesus Church, Mr Mitike [father’s name?].

Amharech was a passionate singer. She introduced clapping and rhythmic body movements to solo singing in her congregation. At that time, the leadership of the congregation disapproved these innovations. On the other hand, among the worshippers, clapping and body movements became very popular (especially in Jajura town).

Amharech was one of the very few women who dared to publically confront the regional leader during the Ethiopian Revolution, Lt. Petros Gebre. She has been instrumental in encouraging Christians in her area to be strong in faith.

After moving to Shone town in the Badawacho enclave and starting her family, Amharech reduced the number of her public appearances as a gospel singer.


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(1) _ _ _ 1992 (or 1994?)

(2) _ _ _

(3) _ _ _ 2006 [1998 AM]


Amharech kept a hand-written songbook.

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Songs in hymn book

Waa’i galaxxamona (2013)

No. 15, 36, 108, 116, 166, 194, 206, 228, 277, 410, 453, 557, 558, 577, 608, 610.

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