Amharic Hymn Books without Music Notation

Published by Swedish Evangelical Mission

Yagubae mazmurat (‘Songs of the Congregation’). Revised edition by Bengt P. Lundahl. Imkullo: Swedish Evangelical Mission, 1887 [1886?].

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Swedish Evangelical Mission and
Swedish Mission Bibeltrogna Vänner

Sebhat laAmlak (‘Praise to God’). Edited by Olle Eriksson and Josef Svensson. Asmara: Swedish Evangelical Mission, 1925.

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Yebete kristiyan mazmurat (‘Church Songs’). _ _ _ (Asmara?): Swedish Mission Press, 1934/35 (1927 AM).

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Sebhat laAmlak (‘Praise to God’). 2nd edition. Asmara: Swedish Evangelical Mission, 1935.

[Q: Was the 2nd edition ever printed with the title “Sebhat laAmlak“?
Perhaps it is a case of confusion and the above publication
Yebete kristiyan mazmurat” is meant.]

Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus
(incl. Yemisrach Dimts)

Sebhat laAmlak (‘Praise to God’). Addis Ababa: Yemisrach Dimts:

  • 3rd edition, 1950/51 (1943 AM).

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  • 4th edition, 1969/70 (1962 AM).
  • 5th edition, 1972/73 (1965 AM).

Sebhat laAmlak (‘Praise to God’). Volume 1. Addis Ababa: Yemisrach Dimts:

  • 1st edition, 2001/02 (1994 AM).
  • 2nd edition, 2006/07 (1999 AM).

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Sebhat laAmlak (‘Praise to God’). Volume 2. Addis Ababa: Yemisrach Dimts:

  • 1st edition, 1994/95 (1987 AM).

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  • other editions ?? 1988, 1991 = AM figures?

[The latest edition of Sebhat laAmlak was dedicated in 2019 and has music notations. »  See overview of hymnbooks with music notation]

Manfasawi zemare (‘Spiritual Songs’). Addis Ababa: Addis Ababa and Surrounding Evangelical Church, 2001/02 (1994 AM).

Meserete Kristos Church

Mahalete Egziabeher (‘Praises to God’). Edited by Meserete Kristos Bet Kristian. Addis Ababa: Central Printing Press, 1962/63 (1956 AM).

Kale Heywet Church

Yewengélawit béta brïstiyan mezmur (‘Gospel Churches’ Songs’). 25 songs from Sïbhat leAmlak. Addis Ababa: Kale Heywet Publications Department (no date indicated).

Nu lïjoch inamesgïn Amlakïn (‘Come, Children, Let Us Worship
God’). Vol. 1. 47 songs. Addis Ababa: Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church
Literature Department (no date indicated).

YeItiyopïa kale hïywet béte krïstiyan yesïrat meşïhaf (‘Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church Service Book’). Addis Ababa: Kale Heywet Publications Department, 1996/97 (1989 AM).

Wudasé Amlak (“Praise to God”). 4 vols. Edited by Geja Kale Heywet congregation. Addis Ababa: Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church Communications Department:

  • Vol. 1. Mimeograph (no date).
  • Vol. 2. 1991/92 (1984 AM).
  • Vol. 3. 1993/94 (1986 AM).
  • Vol. 4. 1997/98 (1990 AM). [figures correct?]

Sarawita Kristos Maheber

Mazmura berhan (‘Songs of Light’). Addis Ababa: Sarawita Kristos Maheber, 1955/56 (1948 AM).

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(Added is Marianne Nilsson’s transcription of selected melodies)

Berhane Wongel Church

Kelïb inïzemïr (‘Let Us Sing from the Heart’). Vol. 1. Edited by Berhane Wongel Church. Addis Ababa: Globe Publishing Department, 1972/73 (1965 AM).

Catholic Church in Ethiopia

Ïgziabhér amesgïnut (“Let Us Praise God”). Catholic Hymnal. Addis Ababa (no date indicated).

Ïnïzemïr legéta (“Let Us Sing to the Lord”). With some musical
notation. Addis Ababa: Ethiopian Catholic Church (no date indicated).

Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church

Mezmure tewahïdo zeortodox (‘Songs of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church’). 4 volumes. Edited by Deacon Yared Ademe. Addis Ababa:

  • Vol. 1. 2001/02 (1994 AM).
  • Vol. 2. date?
  • Vol. 3. date?
  • Vol. 4. 2007/08 (2000 AM).

Miscellaneous groups

Songs. Edited by Ethiopian Christian Fellowship. Dallas (no date indicated).

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Ïnïzemïr (‘Let Us Sing’). Vol. 2 (200 mimeographed songs; no editor,
place and date indicated). [What about vol. 1?]


Haléluya (‘Alleluia’). The Songs of Tamrat Haile from 6 cassettes published between 1976-1992. Addis Ababa: Living Sound Ministry, 1992/93 (1985 AM). [figures correct?]

YeTesfaye Gabbiso mezmuroch / The Songs of Tesfaye Gabbiso. Translated by Haile Jenai, edited by Lila Balisky. Addis Ababa: SIM Press, 2011; revised ed. 2012.

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Mïhïretu ayalķïhïmïna (‘His Mercy Never Ends’). Lyrics of over 200 songs sung by Tesfaye Gabbiso from 1974-2012. Hawassa: Tesfaye Gabbiso and Hawassa Mulu Wengel Amagnoch Church, 2012/13 (2005 AM). [figures correct?]

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