Lutheran Hymn Books in Amharic and without Music Notation

Published by Swedish Evangelical Mission

Yagubae mazmurat (‘Songs of the Congregation’). Revised edition by Bengt P. Lundahl. Imkullo: Swedish Evangelical Mission, 1887 [1886?].

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Swedish Evangelical Mission and
Swedish Mission Bibeltrogna Vänner

Sebhat laAmlak (‘Praise to God’). Edited by Olle Eriksson and Josef Svensson. Asmara: Swedish Evangelical Mission, 1925.

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Yebete kristiyan mazmurat (‘Church Songs’). _ _ _ (Asmara?): Swedish Mission Press, 1934/35 (1927 AM).

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Sebhat laAmlak (‘Praise to God’). 2nd edition. Asmara: Swedish Evangelical Mission, 1935.

[Q: Was the 2nd edition ever printed with the title “Sebhat laAmlak“?
Perhaps it is a case of confusion and the above publication
Yebete kristiyan mazmurat” is meant.]

Yemisrach Dimts Communication Services /
Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus

Sebhat laAmlak (‘Praise to God’). Addis Ababa: Yemisrach Dimts:

  • 3rd edition, 1950/51 (1943 AM).

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  • 4th edition, 1969/70 (1962 AM).
  • 5th edition, 1972/73 (1965 AM).
courtesy Marianne Nilsson

Sebhat laAmlak (‘Praise to God’). Volume 1. Addis Ababa: Yemisrach Dimts:

  • 1st edition, 2001/02 (1994 AM).
courtesy Stefan Ritter
  • 2nd edition, 2006/07 (1999 AM).
courtesy Stefan Ritter

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Sebhat laAmlak (‘Praise to God’). Volume 2. Addis Ababa: Yemisrach Dimts:

  • 1st edition, 1994/95 (1987 AM).

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  • other editions ?? 1988, 1991 = AM figures?

[The latest edition of Sebhat laAmlak was dedicated in 2019
and has music notations.]

Manfasawi zemare (‘Spiritual Songs’). Addis Ababa: Addis Ababa and Surrounding Evangelical Church, 2001/02 (1994 AM).


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