Non-Lutheran Hymn Books in Amharic and with Music Notation

Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church

Matsehafa qedase: Ge’ezena amarinya kenemelketu (‘Liturgy Book: Ge’ez and Amharic with Music Signs’). Addis Ababa: Berhanena Selam Press, 1971/72 (1963 AM).

Meserete Kristos Church

Mahletä Ǝgziʼabǝher [ማሕሌተ እግዚአብሔር, Praises to God]. Edited by Meserete Kristos Church. Addis Ababa: Central Printing Press, 1962/63 (1956 AM). [Translated by members of the Meriha Iwran School (for the Blind) Choir]

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Seventh Day Adventist Church

Yeadvéntist yewudasé mezmur (‘The Adventist Hymnal’). Translated English songs with notation. Addis Ababa: Seventh Day Adventist Church Publishing and Printing, 1982/83 (1975 AM).

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Yesebatenya ken advéntist yewudasé mezmur (‘The Seventh Day Adventist Hymnal’). Several Ethiopian songs added. Addis Ababa: Artistic Printers, 2011/12 (2004 AM).


Mezmur bepiano (‘Songs with Piano’). Edited by Yigezu Desta. Addis Ababa: self-produced, 1996/97 (1989 AM).

Yegitar memarïya meşihaf (‘An Instruction Book for Guitar’). Edited by Yonas Gorfe and Yonas Getachew. Addis Ababa: Gospel Media and Music Ministry, 1997/98 (1990 AM).

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