Non-Lutheran Hymn Books in Amharic and without Music Notation


Berhane Wongel Church

Kelïb inïzemïr [_ _ _; Let Us Sing from the Heart]. Vol. 1. Edited by Ethiopian Berhane Wongel [Baptist] Church. Addis Ababa: Globe Publishing Department, 1972 (1965 AM).
[Contains 60 songs; key person in contacting and collecting songs from Berhane Wongel Choir, Bible Academy Choir, Mulu Wongel Choir and Light of Life Girls’ School Choir was Getachew Mikiren.]

Catholic Church in Ethiopia

Ïgziabhér amesgïnut [_ _ _; Let Us Praise God]. Edited by the Catholic Church in Ethiopia. Addis Ababa. [No date indicated.]

Ïnïzemïr legéta [_ _ _; Let Us Sing to the Lord]. Addis Ababa: Ethiopian Catholic Church. [No date indicated; with some musical notation.]

Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church

Mezmure tewahïdo zeortodox [_ _ _; Songs of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church]. 4 volumes. Edited by Deacon Yared Ademe. Addis Ababa:

  • Vol. 1. 2001/02 (1994 AM).
  • Vol. 2. date?
  • Vol. 3. date?
  • Vol. 4. 2007/08 (2000 AM).

(Ethiopian) Kale Heywet Church

Yewengélawit béta brïstiyan mezmur [_ _ _; Evangelical Churches’ Songs]. Addis Ababa: Kale Heywet Publications Department.
[No date indicated; contains 25 songs from Sebhat laAmlak.).

Nu lïjoch inamesgïn Amlakïn [Come, Children, Let Us Worship
God]. Vol. 1. Addis Ababa: Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church
Literature Department. [No date indicated; contains 47 songs.]

courtesy Lila Balisky

YeItiyopïa kale hïywet béte krïstiyan yesïrat meşïhaf [_ _ _; Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church Service Book]. Addis Ababa: Kale Heywet Publications Department, 1996/97 (1989 AM).

Wudasé Amlak [Praise to God]. 4 vols. Edited by _ _ _ [Q: members of committee?]. Addis Ababa: Geja Kale Heywet Publishing Department:

  • Vol. 1. Mimeograph (no date).
  • Vol. 2. 1991/92 (1984 AM).
  • Vol. 3. 1993/94 (1986 AM).
courtesy Stefan Ritter
  • Vol. 4. 1997/98 (1990 AM).
courtesy Stefan Ritter

Rastafari Church

From the Ethiopic Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church Hymn Book Mezmur (Fedeel Printer, 2001). Republished by the Lion of Judah Society. [Brooklyn, NY] 2012.

courtesy Stefan Ritter


Ethiopian Christian Fellowship Dallas

Songs. Edited by Ethiopian Christian Fellowship. Dallas. [No date indicated]

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Ïnïzemïr [_ _ _; Let Us Sing]. Vol. 2.
[No editor, place and date indicated; contains 200 mimeographed songs. Q: What about vol. 1?]

Sarawita Kristos Maheber

Mazmura berhan [_ _ _; Songs of Light]. Addis Ababa: Sarawita Kristos Maheber, 1955/56 (1948 AM).

courtesy Marianne Nilsson

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(Added is Marianne Nilsson’s transcription
of selected melodies)


Tamrat Haile

Haléluya [_ _ _; Alleluia]. Edited by Tamirat Haile. Addis Ababa: Living Sound Ministry, 1992/93 (1985 AM).
[Contains the Songs of Tamrat Haile from 6 cassettes published between 1976-1992.]

Tesfaye Gabbiso

YeTesfaye Gabbiso mezmuroch / The Songs of Tesfaye Gabbiso. Translated by Haile Jenai, edited by Lila Balisky. Addis Ababa: SIM Press, 2011; revised ed. 2012.


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Mïhïretu ayalķïhïmïna [_ _ _; His Mercy Never Ends]. Edited by Tesfaye Gabbiso. Hawassa: Tesfaye Gabbiso and Hawassa Mulu Wengel Amagnoch Church, 2012/13 (2005 AM).
[Contains the lyrics of over 200 songs sung by Tesfaye Gabbiso from 1974-2012.]


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