Indo-European hymn books


God Is Here (‘Ïgziabhér ale‘): 15 Songs from Ethiopia. Addis Ababa: The Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus, n.d.
[English translation of 13 Amharic and 2 Oromo songs by H. Schönherr with J. and A. Keefer; music transcription by M. Nilsson; mimeograph prepared for the All Africa Council of Churches in 1981.]

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One of Almaz Belihu‘s songs was included in a Norwegian hymn book (name unknown to webmaster).


Songs translated into Swedish


Sources for translation into Amharic and Oromo

The following hymn books served as important sources of the early Amharic hymnals:

  • Sions Sånger (‘Songs of Zion’). Edited by J.C. Holmberg. Stockholm: Röpke, 1744

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  • Den svenska psalmboken (‘The Swedish Hymn Book’), 1819.

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