Ledderhose, Pauline Fathme (1856)

Ganamee Yaa’ii Shaseedaa Odaa lived from approx. 1832–1855. She seems to have been the first Oromo to visit Germany. After her death in St. Chrischona, a Protestant pastor published her biography:

  • Galla-Büchlein. Aus dem Leben der Galla-Negerin Pauline Johanne Fathme. Mit Einleitung von Missionar Dr. Krapf über die Galla-Nation. Ein Ruf zur Mission unter den Galla / von Karl Friedrich Ledderhose, evangelischer Pfarrer in Brombach. 2nd, expanded edition. Basel (Switzerland): Verlag von C. F. Spittler, 1856.

    [Galla (i.e., Oromo) Booklet. From the life of the Galla Negress Pauline Johanne Fathme (i.e., Fatima). With an introduction by missionary Dr. Krapf on the Galla nation. A call to mission among the Galla / by Karl Friedrich Ledderhose, Protestant pastor in Brombach (near Lörrach).]

(adapted from scans contributed by the
Swiss National Library, Bern)

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Third rev. edition: Basel: Spittler, 1867.
[Google Books (with a portrait of Ganamee)]

Smidt, Wolbert G. C. “The role of the former Oromo slave Pauline Fathme in the foundation of the Protestant Oromo mission,” in Ethiopia and the Missions: Historical and Anthropological Insights, ed. V. Böll et al., p. 77-98. Münster: Lit Verlag, 2005. [online version]