YouTube channels

Below you will find YouTube channels, each presenting gospel music by different singers. (The number in parentheses indicates the number of subscribers of a given channel.)

The YouTube channels owned by individual gospel singers are listed in their respective profile (see Soloists and Vignettes).


Catholic Mezmur (> 8k)

Mahtot Tube (Eth. Orthodox, 275k)

Evangelical: Amharic

Alpha Mezmur (> 19k)

Aster Sabure
(Interviews with singers et al. on “Day of Salvation”)

Fiker Tube (> 64k)

Fray TV (108k)

Honest Pictures

Kabod Tube (> 13k)

Mado Tube

Marda Tube

Marefiya Tube (esp. old songs)

Marvelous Light Media (> 19k)

Mezmur Tube (85k)

MOS Gospel Songs

Oldies Tube

Ruth Mezmur Wengel (20k)

Shema Tube (> 12k)

SOL Studio

Yedro Mezmur (> 18k)

YHBC [Ye Hiwot Berhan Church (* Hawassa)]

Zema Lyrics (> 4k)

Zetseat TV (> 36k)

Other Semitic Languages

Hosanna Tube (Tigrinya)


Chalish55 (Oromo, > 12k)

Egeree Media (Oromo, > 42k)

Ethio Mezmur (Oromo, 14k)

Faaruu Christian Media (Oromo, > 12k)

Ilillee Media (Oromo, 8k)

Mati Oromiya (> 13k)

Oromo Gospel Song

Tshilpo (Oromo etc., > 42k)

Wakjira Tube (Oromo, > 67k)

Other Cushitic Languages

123 Mezmur Library (Hadiyya, > 7k)

Asheu100 (Hadiyya, > 16k)

Faarso Tube (Sidama)

Farso Mezmur-Tube (Sidama and Oromo)

Haddiya Mezmur TSAGE Tube (> 5k)

Hadiya Mezmur Media

Jillo Family (Burji and [Borana] Oromo=

Maranata Media (mainly Kambaata and Hadiyya)

Mewuded Tube (Sidama, Hadiyya, Kambaata, etc.)

Tumsido (Hadiyya, 8k)

Omotic Languages

Galata Tube (Wolaytta etc., < 1k)

Humble Production Channel (Wolaytta)

Yesus Goda (Wolaytta, Gamo, Gofa, Dawro, Konta)

WuLeX (Wolaytta, > 4k)

Nilo-Saharan Languages

Anywaa Tube Entertainment

Dut Jwøk (Anywaa)

Gatwech Gang Gok (Nuer, > 2k)

Sound of Revival (Nuer, > 1k)


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