Groups outside Ethiopia

Choirs and congregations with particularly noteworthy musicians outside of present-day Ethiopia
(arranged by continent and alphabet)



Asmara University Christian Student Fellowship Choir

Asmara ELC Choir


Nairobi Ammanuel Church

Nairobi Hebret Church

South Africa

Cape Town: Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church Cape Town

Johannesburg: Global Faith Mission Ministries


South Korea

Soul: Bethel Ethiopia Evangelical Church in Korea

United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi and Dubai: Living Water United Evangelical Churches



Frankfurt (Main): Eritrean Catholic Kidanemihret congregation

Frankfurt (Main): Ethiopian Evangelical Church Frankfurt


Oslo: Oromo Evangelical Church in Oslo


Stockholm: Jerusalem Evangelical Church

United Kingdom

London: Ethiopian Christian Fellowship Church in the UK (ECFCUK)

London: Holy Redeemer Eritrean Catholic Gheez-Rite Chaplaincy

North America


Montreal: Ammanuel Montreal Evangelical Church

Ottawa: Ethiopian Evangelical Church in Ottawa

Toronto: Ethiopian Evangelical Church in Toronto


California (Los Angeles): Amanuel Ethiopian Church, L.A.

Colorado (Denver): Ethiopian Evangelical Church of Denver

Georgia (Stone Mountain): Ethiopian Evangelical Church of Atlanta

Minnesota (Minneapolis): Our Redeemer Oromo Evangelical Church of Minnesota

Minnesota (St. Paul): Ethiopian Evangelical Church in Minnesota

New York: St. Mary of Zion Ethiopian Orthodox Church

Texas (Dallas): Berhan Wongel Eritrean-Church Dallas

Texas (Garland): Ethiopian Evangelical Church Dallas

Texas (Missouri City): Ethiopian Christians Fellowship Church Houston

Washington, D.C.: International Ethiopian Evangelical Church

Washington, D.C.: Debre Mehret Kidus Michael [Orthodox] Church


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