Addis Ababa Gennet Church “A” Choir

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History and ministry

From Haustein, Writing Religious History, p. 201, 205:

“In 1976, the Finnish [Free Foreign] Mission set out to reestablish its church work at Merkato by appointing elders and hiring two Ethiopians for full-time work, Hiruy Tsige and Anberber Gebru. They apparently managed to form a thriving congregation, and on April 15, 1977, Hiruy Tsige wrote a letter to the representatives of the FFFM [Finnish Mission], Kyösti Roininen, informing the mission of the desire of the church to independently pay all of its expenses beginning May 1, and to become a local church under the name ‘Sefere Gennet Church.’ Roininen’s reply was favorable, stating that it had been ‘our prayer and wish that, one day, this Church would be able to stand by itself as a National Church.’ […]

In 1988 a constitution was drafted and put into effect in 1989. After the Derg fell from power, the confiscated property was returned to the Addis Ababa church. In numerous places in the country [esp. the Sidama Region] new Gennet congregations were established from previous underground fellowships or personal contacts.”


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published in 2020:


Further reading

Ashebir Ketema. “The History of Ethiopian Guenet Church: From 1974-1992.” B.Th. thesis, Mekane Yesus Seminary. Addis Ababa, 1993.