(Arranged by administrative region
and alphabetical order)

Addis Ababa (chartered city)

Addis Ababa University Students’ Christian Fellowship Choir

Araya Family Choir

Mekanisa Mekane Yesus “A” Choir

Merha Ewourran School (of the Blind) Choir

Meserete Kristos Church, Addis Ababa Choir

Mulu Wongel Church “A” Choir

Tsion Choir

Oromia Region

Debre Zeit Kale Heywet Choir (Amharic songs)

Debre Zeit Mekane Yesus Choir (Amharic)

Jimma Hiwot Berhan Choir (Amharic)

Southern Regions

Deaf Choirs in the Mekane Yesus Church
[in Hossana and beyond]

Hossana Mekane Yesus “A” Choir (Amharic)

Mishgida Kale Heywet Choir (Amharic & Kambaata)

[Soddo] Walaytta Mulu Wongel “A” Choir (Amharic)

Eastern Regions

Harar Ammanuel Union Church Choir (Amharic)

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