Mekanisa Mekane Yesus “A” Choir

Mekanisa is a district in the south-western part of Addis Ababa. Around 1961, American Lutheran missionaries and Ethiopian believers started worship in the mission’s guesthouse and rented one and a half years later a hall from the government. With the support of the then leaders and pastors of the congregation, Nathnael Abebe, James Gobena, Seyoum Gebreyes and others founded the congregation’s first (i.e., “A”) choir around 1972. It has also been one of the oldest choirs in the Mekane Yesus Church in Addis Ababa. 

Mekanisa “A” Choir has produced gospel songs that were used hitherto in congregational worship across the country. The main songwriters were Sisay Habte, Seyoum Gebreyes and Nathnael Abebe. The choir benefitted from the nearby seminarians and theologians who contributed to the spiritual nourishment of the choir members.

Apart from their much-loved songs, the Mekanisa choir is remembered for using the saxophone. It was played by the late ex-pop singer Seyoum Gebreyes who also wrote such powerful songs as Ya-Amlaake kaal ayaarijm (‘The word of my Lord never grows old’). This song was so popular that communist cadres converted the lyrics into “the words of the communist leaders won’t get old” and released their propaganda song over the government-controlled radio. Time, however, witnessed to which rendition remains true as the Mekanisa Choir and their songs outlasted the communist regime ousted in 1991.

The Mekanisa choir published five albums between 1979 and 2007. These cassettes advanced the choir’s singing tours to encourage persecuted Christians throughout the country. The choir is still serving mainly at the Mekanisa congregation with occasional invitations to sing at conferences in other congregations in Addis Ababa and its surrounding.


(1) Yä’amlak qal ayaräǧəm [የአምላኬ ቃል አያረጅም, The word of my Lord never grows old]. Cassette released by Mekane Yesus Cassette Ministry, Addis Ababa 1979.

(2) Tolo bəye əmäṭalähu [ቶሎ ብዬ እመጣለሁ, I will come soon]. Cassette released by Mekane Yesus Cassette Ministry, Addis Ababa 1980.


(3) Aläñ wädaǧ [አለኝ ወዳጅ, I have a friend]. Cassette released by Mekane Yesus Cassette Ministry, Addis Ababa 1984.

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(4) Yäsämay Amlak yakänawunələnal [የሰማይ አምላክ ያከናውንልናል, The God of Heaven will give us success]. Cassette released by Mekane Yesus Cassette Ministry, Addis Ababa 1984.


(5) Aläñ wädaǧ [አለኝ ወዳጅ, I have a friend]. DVD produced by the choir and released by Emana Book Center, Addis Ababa 2015.

vol. 5

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