Seyoum Gebreyes

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Life and ministry

Former famous secular singer and instrument player.

Then member of Mekanisa EECMY “A” Choir.

The only wind instrument player in the [early] evangelical movement (according to Temesgen S.)


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Audio (commercial and freemium)

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Audio (YouTube)

Gospel music


ሃምሳ አለቃ ስዩም ገብረየስ ቁ.1 Seyoum Geberyes v 1 ከግጥሙ ጋ
ስዩም ገብረየስ ቁ.2 Seyoum Geberyes v 2 ከግጥሙ ጋር @BKLyrics
ሃምሳ አለቃ ስዩም ገብረየስ፡ Seyoum Gebreyes Album #3
ሃምሳ አለቃ ስዩም ገብረየስ፡ Seyoum Gebreyes Album #4

ስዩም ገብረየስ ቤተሰብ ዝማሬዎች part 1


published in 2019:

የሻለቃ ስዩም ቤተሰብ ተወዳጅ ዝማሬ "ሥምህን ጠርቶ ማን አፍሯል ጌታ"🙏💖🙌🎻🥁👏🎷😍
የሻለቃ ስዩም ቤተሰብ ተወዳጅ ዝማሬ "የተዋረደን ታከበራለህ"


የድሮ መዝሙር ሃምሳ አለቃ ስዩም ገብረየስ: ለኑሮዬ ሰላም ጤና Seyoum Gebreyes , Lenuroye swlam tena
የድሮ መዝሙር:ሃ/አለቃ ስዩም ገብረየስ:Seyoum Gebreyes old mezmur/ አልተወውም
አስገራሚ መዝሙር :ስዩም ገብረየስ :ሳይቸኩል ታግሶ Ethopian lagendary Gospel singer Seyoum Geb reyes: sweet song
Former career

» Listen to Seyoum Gebreyes’ former music


Tselot Seyoum singing a song of her father in 2019:

Tselot Seyoum | EEC Atlanta | GA | July 2019 | Part 02


(adapted from Rahel Seyoum’s FB page [May 12, 2021])