Seyoum Gebreyes

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Life and ministry

Seyoum Gebreyes was born in _ _ _

He was a famous secular singer and instrument player.

Then member of Mekanisa EECMY “A” Choir.

The only wind instrument player in the [early] evangelical movement (according to Temesgen S.)

Seyoum Gebreyes and his children formed a family choir

There was an appreciation day programme for gospel singer Seyoum Gebreyes at Ev. Theol. College / Int’l Ev. Church in Addis Ababa on February 21, 2010 (-> video?)

He passed away in January 2012.

Seyoum Gebreyes’ daughter Tselot Seyoum serves a gospel singer


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(adapted from Rahel Seyoum’s FB page [May 12, 2021])