Ethiopian Gospel Music Book

Tibebe Eshete, Samuel Y. Deressa, et al. (forthcoming). Ethiopian Gospel Music

Most chapters are based on papers read at a conference on Christian congregational music at Ripon College Cuddesdon (UK).

The tentative table of contents is as follows:

  • Introduction
    by Tibebe Eshete
  • Implanting Swedish Hymnodies: Emergence and Reception of the Amharic Hymnbook Yägubaʼe mäzmurat
    by Marianne Nilsson

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  • Spreading the Gospel in Vernacular Languages: Lutheran Hymn Translation, Composition and Circulation in Eritrea and Ethiopia
    by Marianne Nilsson

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  • Ethiopian Spiritual Songs in Print: The Significance of a Private Collection of Amharic Songbooks from 1966-2016
    by Lila Balisky

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  • Singing the Gospel: Oromo Christian Tradition of
    Storytelling through Song
    by Samuel Deressa

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  • Congregational Responsorial Singing in Kambaataa-Hadiyya: The Political Implications of an Evangelical Practice
    by Finn A. Rønne

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  • Negotiations, Re-contextualizations and Re-significations of Arsi Oromo ateetee Prayers by Vernacular Belief Practitioners and Protestants in the Kokossa District of Oromia
    by Leila Qashu

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  • The “Maale’ization” of Wolaytta Hymns from 1960 to the Present: Ambivalences between the Said and the Sung
    by Hugo Ferran

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  • Acceptable and Unacceptable Music among Amharic-Speaking Evangelical Ethiopians
    by Jan Magne Steinhovden

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