This internet portal started as a companion to a forthcoming book:

Tibebe Eshete, Samuel Y. Deressa, et al. (forthcoming). Ethiopian Gospel Music

Most chapters are based on papers read at a conference on Christian congregational music at Ripon College Cuddesdon (UK).

The tentative table of contents is as follows:

  • Introduction
    by Tibebe Eshete
  • Implanting Swedish Hymnodies: Emergence and Reception of the Amharic Hymnbook Yägubaʼe mäzmurat
    by Marianne Nilsson

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  • Spreading the Gospel in Vernacular Languages: Lutheran Hymn Translation, Composition and Circulation in Eritrea and Ethiopia
    by Marianne Nilsson

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  • Ethiopian Spiritual Songs in Print: The Significance of a Private Collection of Amharic Songbooks from 1966-2016
    by Lila Balisky

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  • Singing the Gospel: Oromo Christian Tradition of
    Storytelling through Song
    by Samuel Deressa

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  • Congregational Responsorial Singing in Kambaataa-Hadiyya: The Political Implications of an Evangelical Practice
    by Finn Aa. Rønne

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  • Negotiations, Re-contextualizations and Re-significations of Arsi Oromo ateetee Prayers by Vernacular Belief Practitioners and Protestants in the Kokossa District of Oromia
    by Leila Qashu

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  • The “Maale’ization” of Wolaytta Hymns from 1960 to the Present: Ambivalences between the Said and the Sung
    by Hugo Ferran

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  • Acceptable and Unacceptable Music among Amharic-Speaking Evangelical Ethiopians
    by Jan Magne Steinhovden

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  • Profiles of Ethiopian Gospel Choirs and Singers
    by different contributors
    (edited by Stefan Ritter and Yohannes Lala)

Further Reading

For an introduction to Ethiopian gospel music of the 20th century, read excerpts from Tibebe Eshete’s 2009 book, The Evangelical Movement in Ethiopia.