Tibebe Eshete on Ethiopian Gospel Music

Source: Tibebe Eshete (2009). The Evangelical Movement in Ethiopia: Resistance and Resilience. Waco, TX: Baylor University Press.

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Yonas Gorfe in the chapter on the history of Ethiopian gospel music in his book Bet Yataw Betegna:

The youth who set off the revival movement were university students with close relationships to different western programs, such as:

  • the American Peace Corps
  • the English program conducted at the SIM mission station
    (located in the vicinity of Black Lion Hospital)
  • the conferences of Mennonite missionaries in Nazareth
    (now called Adama)
  • the annual revival program run by the Swedish Pentecostal Mission in Hawassa
  • the Finnish Pentecostal mission in the Merkato area of Addis Ababa
  • the Ethiopian University Students Christian Fellowship (which merged with other groups to form the Evangelical Students and Graduates Union of Ethiopia, EvaSUE)
  • and the Mekane Yesus young peoples’ youth hostels (which translated Christian songs popular in America and published them in the hymnal Mezmur lewotatoch)