Companion to Chapter 2

Spreading the Gospel in Vernacular Languages: Lutheran Hymn Translation, Composition and Circulation in Eritrea and Ethiopia

by Marianne Nilsson

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[work in progress]


Indoeuropean Source texts

(Amharic sources and hymnbooks at the end of this page)


No scans available yet:


No scan available yet:

  • [p. 6] Innario Cristiano [Christian Hymnbook]
    (a cura «delle Chiese d’Italia che parteciparono al Congresso Evangelico Nazionale, tenuto a Roma nel 1920», Roma, 1922)
  • [p. 19] View Hymnal: According to the Use of the Protestant Episcopal Church (of the Episcopal Church in the United States of America. 1875 (Google Books)

No scan available yet:

  • [p. 22] American Mission Melody Book [Bibliographic details?]


  • [p. —] View Macaafa Faarfannaa: Galata Waaqayyo [Hymn book: Praise God]. Edited by the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus. Addis Ababa: Bole Printing Enterprise, 1998.

No scans available yet:

  • [p. xx] Galata Waaqayyoo [Praise God]. Melody book. 1980.
  • [p. 8] Macaafa Faarsa [መጫፋ ፋርሳ, Hymn book].
  • [p. 9] Galata Waaqayyoo [ገለተ ዋቀዮ. Praise God]. 1976.


No scan available yet:

  • [p. 12] Derus Tseyon [ደሩስ ጽዮን, The songs of Zion].


  • [p. –] View Mazmur Emnet [Songs of Faith]. ?? [Eritrea], 2004/05 (1997 AM)

No scans available yet:

  • [p. 14] Mazmur Salam [መዝሙር ሰላም, Songs of Peace]. ….
  • [p. xx] Mazmur Salam. music edition. 1985


No scans available yet:

  • [p. 19] Kunama aurabu kolattama [Songbook written in Kunama language].
  • [p. 19] Anana Kitaba [Songbook].


  • [p. 1] View Yägubaʼe mäzmurat [የጉባኤ መዝሙራት, Congregational hymns]

» View 1st edition (with musical notations, 1881)
» View 2nd edition (1887)

  • [p. 21] Səbhat läʼamlak [ስብሐት ለአምላክ, Praise to God]. 1925ff

» View 1925 edition
» View 1935 edition
(= Yebete kristiyan mazmurat ??)
» View 1951 edition

  • [p. 21] View Səbhat läʼamlak. vol. 2. (Trial) melody edition. 1986

  • [p. 22] View Mazmura Berhan [መዝሙረ ብርሃን, Songs of light]. 1955/56.
  • [p. 25] View Mert Mazmurat [ምርጥ መዝሙራት, Selected songs]. 6 vols. With musical notations. 1975ff.

No scans available yet:

  • [p. 2x ] Səbhat läʼamlak. 1972/73 edition.
  • [p. 27] Manfasawi Zemare [መንፈሳዊ ዝማሬ, Spiritual songs]

Profiles of gospel musicians

For further study

Krabill on “Six stages of music development
in many Sub-Saharan faith communities”

» Read Krabill, James R. (2014).
“Culturally Appropriate Worship: Lessons Learned from
Mission History in Africa,” Mission Frontiers 36 (5): 13-15.
[Online version]

Morehouse on Functions of Western Hymns and Indigenous Songs

» Read Morehouse, Katherine H. (2017).
” ‘They’re Playing Our Song’: Functions of Western Hymns and Indigenous Songs in the History of the Non-Western Church,
with a Case Study of the Maninka People in Kankan, Guinea”, 
Global Forum on Arts and Christian Faith 5: A18-A47
[Online version]


(use playlist)

» Listen to secular songs using classical Ethiopian ‘scales’
(Tizita, Bati, Anchi Hoye, Ambasel)