Səbhat läʼamlak, vol. 2, Melodies (1986)

Before she left for Sweden in 1986, Marianne Nilsson prepared for a melody book of Səbhat läʼamlak [ስብሐት ለአምላክ], vol. 2 (songs from Ethiopian gospel singers). She wrote the melodies by hand on a duplicated version of the hymn book with the lyrics.

The songs were selected by a committee in 1986 with the purpose of adding more Ethiopian songs to Səbhat läʼamlak. Many of the songs are taken from Mərt mäzmurat [ምርጥ መዝሙራት], others are from additional songbooks available at that time, e.g. Mazmure Berhan and Ensemmer 1. The names of individual authors and melody composers were included when known.

Unfortunately, the melody book has not yet been printed.

Source: Marianne Nilsson collection