Faarsaa fi Weedu (1886)

Faarsaa fi Weedu [ፋርሳፍ ዌዴ, Hymns and songs]. Translated and edited by Onesimos Nesib. Imkullu (Massawa): Swedish Evangelical Mission, 1886 A.D.

Source: SEM Archive, Uppsala
[On the PDF file (1) page 14 &15 is repeated after page 16&17
(2) page 113 is preceding page 111
(3) page 154 and page 155 are double]

Cross references

Faarsaa fi Weedu (Imkullu: SEM, 1886). Music book created by Marianne Nilsson. Digital edition, 2022.

Faarsaa fi Weedu. Table of Contents and Index (in Qubee)

Faarsaa fi Weedu. Front material (in Qubee and English translation)

Further study

Faarsaa fi Weedu. Overview of Sources and use of the songs in later hymnals