Badima Yalew (Qes)

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Life and Ministry

Lived from 1883-1973

Ordained as priest in the Orthodox Church

Ministry in Wellega, etc.

Rev. at Entotto Mekane Yesus Congregation
(Note that his daughter Fiqre was one of the early members of the Charismatic movement)

Rev. at Addis Ababa Mekane Yesus Congregation

Church leader

Qes Badima came from the Orthodox church and was well acquainted with its music. But he chose to take the lyrics contained in the Mezmure Bïrhan hymnbook and to sing them on wellknown melodies from Sionstoner. […] Qes Badima otherwise remained faithful to the Orthodox church. He used to say “We are reformers, but we are not a colony”, reformers of the Church, but not a colony of the mission. He refused to use the liturgy prepared by the missionaries – a translation from Swedish – and compiled his own.
[cf. Grenstedt (2000), p. 131f]

Nilsson (forthcoming), ch. 2

On his role in editing Sibhat LeAmlak and developing a liturgy:

Qes Badima had a high opinion of Lundahl’s hymns. He put him first, and Olle Eriksson as number two. Qes Badima also composed songs for the hymnbook […]

Nilsson (forthcoming), ch. 2

Songs in Hymn books

Səbhat laʼamlak (2007)

There are about 13 hymns written by Qes Badima:
no. 2, 3, 58, 73, 153, 159, 176, 206, 211, 239, 363, 389, 477.

Səbhat laʼamlak (1973)

No. 2, 3, 53, 71, 123, 137, 157, 160, 174, 261, 271, 280.


Qes Badima Yalew, 1971
(adapted from Arén 1999, Envoys, p. 461)

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