Yäbetä kərəstiyan mäzmurat (1935)

Yäbetä kərəstiyan mäzmurat [የቤተ ክርስቲያን መዝሙራት, Church songs]. Edited by Simon Röstin and Olle Eriksson (?). [Asmara:] Swedish Mission Press, 1934/35 (1927 AM).

This hymnal contains 210 songs:

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  • Was the 2nd edition of the hymnal ever printed under the title “Səbhat läʼamlak“? Or was it renamed “Yäbetä kərəstiyan mäzmurat”?
  • Note that the title Yäbetä kərəstiyan mäzmurat is similar to the title of the first Amharic hymnal, Yägubaʼe mäzmurat.

Further study

[This may not fully apply to Yäbetä kərəstiyan mäzmurat,
but the 2nd ed. of Səbhat läʼamlak]

Arén, Gustav. Envoys of the Gospel in Ethiopia: In the Steps of the Evangelical Pioneers 1898-1936 (Studia Missionalia Upsaliensis, 75). Stockholm: EFS förlaget; Addis Ababa: The [Ethiopian] Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus, 1999.

Quote from Arén, Envoys
[Some linebreaks added]:

“[p. 206] In 1935 it was time for a new edition of 210 hymns.*

[* Fn 94: Many of these were written by Mr (later Rev.) Simon Röstin of the SMBV; cf. Svensson 1961, 102]

It included the same eleven versicles [as the 1925 edition].
The inclusion showed that the use of the Psalms for responsive reading and chanting continued to be a feature fo evangelical devotional life.
The hymnbook was in itself an instance of the spirit of co-operation and fellowship that characterized the two missionary groups [SEM and SMBV] irrespective of any difference at the leadership level in Sweden.”

Röstin, Simon (?). Article describing the 1935 hymnal, Bibeltrogna Vänners Missionstidning, 1934:3, p. 39.

Svensson, Axel B. Missionssällskapet Bibeltrogna Vänners historia under tiden 1911-1961 [The history of the Mission Society “Bible-True Friends” from 1911 to 1961]. Stockholm: Bibeltrogna vänner, 1961 [304 pp.]