Companion to Chapter 7

The “Maale’ization” of Wolaytta Hymns from 1960 to the Present: Ambivalences between the Said and the Sung

by Hugo Ferran

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Ethiopie meridionale. musique des maale. southern ethiopia. music of the maale
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» Listen to presentation “Musique et culte des ancêtres chez les Maale d’Éthiopie” by Hugo Ferran

Maale Gospel Music (Video)

ኣጊፁዋ ፆዖሲ! Agitsua tsosi
Zigina aso tsosi የማሌ ሶሎ መዘመራን ህብረት

Maale ‘secular’ songs

» Watch selected traditional and contemporary songs

Wolaytta responsorial singing

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Maale culture:

Ethiopian MALE Nation New year (BANTI KASHI) Culture - የማሌ ብሔረሰብ (ባንቲ ካሺ)ዘመን መለወጫ ስርዓት (ባህላዊ ክዋኔዎች)
Ethiopian MALE Nation (DAMI) cultural practice - የማሌ ብሔረሰብ የዉርስ  (ዳሚ) ስርዓት (ባህላዊ ክዋኔዎች)

Maale Bible translation:

(July 2016)

Profiles and Vignettes of gospel musicians

Selam Desta (ሰላም ደስታ) - Hashshu ga tashemppe ሀሹ ጋ ታ ሼምፔ new 2021 gospel song

Wolaytta Hymnbooks

(?) Musical notations

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Further reading on Wolaytta evangelists, etc.

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