Yohannes Basana

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Life and ministry

aka Yohannes Basena, Pastor Yohannes Bassena

started ministry singing traditional Wolaytta songs


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G&B Ministry Interview With Pastor Yohannes Bassena Part 1(Edited)
G&B Ministry Interview with Pastor Yohanes Bassena Part 2


Pastor Yohanis Basana


Yewengel Arebegoch/ድንቅ ቆይታ ከፓስተር ዮሃንስ ባሰና ጋር
ድንቅ ቆይታ ከፓስተር ዮሃንስ ባሰና ጋር/ Yewengel Arbegnoch/ Part 2

Further reading

McLellan, Dick [Richard J.]. Warriors of Ethiopia: Ethiopian National Missionaries – Heroes of the Gospel in the Omo River Valley. Eastwood (Australia): Dick McLellan, 2006, p. 213-220 [ch. 27: “Yohannis: Singing for Jesus”; Kindle edition available]