Desta Biramo

Desta Biramo Zaza was born in a Christian family in Dige Mashido, Kindo Koysha district, Wolayita Zone, former Sidama Region, in 1972. Desta began singing in 1981 with the choir of Doge Meshido Kale Heywot Church. In 1990, he was forced to give military service to the government of Ethiopia. After the fall of the regime in 1991, he returned home and began to compose and sing own songs, thanking God who protected him in the war field.

Having served as a solo singer at the spiritual conference organized by the Wolaytta Gunuro Kale Heywot Church in 1991, he soon became a well-known solo singer, worshipping in both the Wolaytta and the Amharic language. Thanks to his songs, many cadres who persecuted him during the Ethiopian Revolution (including his older brother) became Christians and even co-workers of Desta.


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Song [Wolaytta]

[Posted in 2022:]

ታና ታማሪሳ! ዘማሪ ደስታ ቢራሞ DESTA BIRAMO ወላይትኛ ዝማሬ 1987  Remix 2014

Song [Amharic]


#ክብሩ_ሰማያትን_ሸፍኗል_ዘማሪ_ደስታ_ቢራሞ DESTA BIRAMO_ደስታ_ቢራሞ

Worship [Wolaytta]


desta biramo የወላይትኛ ቋንቋ መዝሙር ቦዲቲ ሙሉወንጌል ቤተክርስቲያን


ምንቴትያጌ! አዲስ የወላይትኛ መዝሙር ቪድዮ! ዘማሪ ደስታ ቢራሞ MINTETIYAAGEE NEW PROTESTANT SONG

Desta Biramo / Yohannes Lala