Dodola MY Rehobot choir

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History and ministry

Dodola [Qubee: Dodolaa] is located in the West Arsi Zone of Oromia Region.

From Godana Gobena’s Facebook post (2023.04.09; with choir pictures):

“I thank God for the great time we had in Dodola Mekane Yesus Congregation! Rehoboth Choir (A Choir) as the team have met 30 years later to celebrate 40 years anniversary (i.e., choir established in 1983 AD)! From the team, I saw the tears of joy and deep excitement! Praise God”

From Godana Gobena’s Facebook post (2023.04.10):

“Rev. Dr. Targaye Imana [= Tsegaye Roba?] had been serving Dodola Mekane Yesus Congregation in 1976-1985 Ethiopian Calendar. He came to the place where he bore fruit after 31 years! He took the choir to the events and memories happened in 1980s! Gash Nagash, Gash Tadele, and Gash Roba overview the earlier story and bless the Choir at the end of their speech!”




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