Kebena Adventist Choir

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History and ministry

Kebena, district in Addis Ababa

According to Belay Chafamo, the choir was established in 1990 (European calendar).

Singers connected to this choir:

  • Aberash Yimer (album released in 2015/16 AD)

Q: There seems to have been a much-appreciated Adventist [school?] choir led by “Ms. Visleme [before the Ethiopian Revolution?].”


(1) Nu libarikachihu sitilen [ኑ ልባርካችሁ ስትለን, Let me bless you]. Cassette, released by xxx, Addis Ababa, 1996 [1988 AM]

(2) Igizī’ābiḥēr ‘alemin wedewal [እግዚአብሔር ዓለምን ወደዋል, God loved the world]. Cassette, released by xxx, Addis Ababa, 1996 [1988 AM].


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Audio (YouTube)

የቀበና 7ኛ ቀን አድቬንትስት ቤተ/ን መዘምራን ቁ.#2 ሙሉ አልበም|Kebena SDA church choir@Adventist Songs Channel_New 2021
Amharic christian songs Kebena SDA Choir melkam tedergolshal
"ቶሎ ና" (Come Lord Jesus) by  Kebena Adventist Church, Maranatha Choirs


"የመስቀሉን ፍቅር"የቀበና አድቬንቲስት ቤተ/ን መዘምራን||kebena SDA Church Choir Song_2014E.C@Adventist Songs Channel.


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Further reading

Tamire Shaemalo. “Kebana Adventist School.” Article published in online Encyclopedia of Seventh-Day Adventists [view online]