Lideta Mekane Yesus Choir

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History and ministry

Lideta is a sub-city of Addis Ababa

From Launhardt (2004), Evangelicals:

“[p 221] The Lideta Mekane Yesus Congregation came into being in connection with the International Lutheran Church (ILC) which was started by expatriates in 1958. They had erected a church building near Mexico Square in 1963 and conducted religious programs in English. A few Ethiopians interested in the Word of God joined them. When their number increased, the sermons were translated into Amharic, and the wish was expressed to also get Bible instruction in that language. A student of the Mekane Yesus (Theological) Seminary, Qes Girmay, was chosen, who also started a confirmation class in 1967.
During the following years Amharic worship services were conducted on Sunday mornings, prior to the English service and its Sunday school. The number of confirmed members increased and the Lideta MY congregation was constituted. The first election of elders took place in January 1970. Several committees were established to take care of the various tasks and groups in the [p. 222] congregation. Also a well-known choir came into being. The Lideta congregation became a member of the ECMY North Ethiopia Synod.”

From FB post by Dr Loren Bliese:

“Johnny [Bakke] went back to Norway in the 1980’s to get his doctorate, which he finished in 1986. He then tried to return to teaching at MYS but his visa had expired, and the government was not giving new visas for seminary teachers. However, since they did give visas for pastors in international churches, International Lutheran Church called Dr. Bakke to fill its vacancy. He accepted the call and served faithfully as ILC pastor until around 2000, as well as teaching part-time at MYS. […] He encouraged African refugees to join the ILC church fellowship including the potluck meals of the congregation.”

Singer connected to the choir:


(1) Teraran wet’an [ተራራን ወጣን, We climbed the mountain]. Cassette recorded by _ _ _ in _ _ _.

Songs in hymn book




“A” Choir

በሙሉ ሀይላችን [With all our strength, playlist, 2024]:

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Songs with lyrics

የክብርህ ፀዳል ያበራል (clip publ. in 2020):


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History of Lideta MY congregation:



Further reading

Akineda Gebremedhin. “The Origin and Growth of Evangelical Christianity at Makanissa and Lideta“. B.Th. thesis. Addis Ababa: Mekane Yesus Seminary, 1980.

Launhardt, Johannes. Evangelicals in Addis Ababa (1919-1991): With special reference to the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus and the Addis Ababa Synod (Studien zur Orientalischen Kirchengeschichte, 31). Münster: LIT Verlag, 2004.