Oromo Evangelical Church of Melbourne

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History and ministry

Melbourne, capital of Victoria

From the Congregation’s website:

“Oromo Evangelical Church of Melbourne (OECM) was established as a small group of members of the Oromo community gathered to pray at one of the group’s residence in 2014 in Melbourne, Australia. As the Scripture says on Mark 4:28 “It’s the ground that makes the seeds sprout and grow into plants that produce grain”, the OECM has grown over the last few years to become a well-established church with the mission of expanding the kingdom of God among the Oromo community and beyond. The OECM is interdenominational by its nature and constitutes people from different domination backgrounds.”

The congregation has a “Worship & Choir Ministry”


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Further reading

Gow, Greg. The Oromo in Exile: From the Horn of Africa to the Suburbs of Australia. Carlton, Australia: Melbourne University Publishing, 2002.