Ammanuel Montreal Evangelical Church

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History and ministry

Ammanuel Montreal Evangelical Church (AMEC) “was founded by few Ethiopian immigrants who settled in the Montreal region in the late 80s. With the support of Evangel Pentecostal Church, the Ethiopian Christian Fellowship was established. The number of members grew gradually through various reach-out efforts as well as due to the increased population of Ethiopian and Eritrean communities in the city. The name of the fellowship was eventually changed to Ammanuel Montreal Evangelical Church in order to reflect its inclusive vision of reaching out other nationalities.”
(quoted from their FB page)

Senior Pastor: Eyasu Tesfaye Jima


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For further reading

Ferran, Hugo (2015). “The Ethiopian and Eritrean Evangelical Diaspora of Montreal: Music, Identity and Ambivalence,” African Diaspora 8: 76-97. [Online version]