Nairobi Ammanuel Church

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History and ministry

aka Emmanuel Church / Emanuel Beza Church

Other Ethiopian congregations in Nairobi:




EMMANUEL CHURCH NAIROBI -  የአማኑኤል ቤተክርስቲያን መዘምራን ናይሮቢ


(recorded in 1995)

Nairobi Ammanuel Church Choir 1995(Ethiopian) ናይሮቢ አማኑኤል ቤተክሪስቲያን መዘምራን
Nairobi Ammanuel Church 1995 Worship(Ethiopian) ናይሮቢ አማኑኤል ቤተክሪስቲያን አምልኮ

(posted in 2017)

Nirobi Amanuel Church Choir

(Emmanuel Beza Church:)

Emmanuel Beza church in Nairobi, Kenya