Rhythm National Choir

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History and ministry

RNC is founded by Reta Paulos, who was the director of Rhythm music and arts ministry, Addis Ababa-Ethiopia on June 11/ 2018. The choir is established by a group of singers assembled from different evangelical churches of Addis Ababa and some countryside. We believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ and we are all serving in different evangelical churches like:- Mekaneyesus, Kale heywet, Meseretekristos, mulu wengel, and many others. […] RNC aims to re cultivate the relatively lost art of choir (singing in major voice parts-SATB) in Ethiopian Evangelical churches and playing a vital artistic role in the expansion of the Gospel.

(quoted from Rhythm National Choir’s website)


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Published in 2020:

አግዘኝ by Henon Mengistu(kb) with Rhythm National Choir
ሰው በእንጀራ ብቻ አይኖርም |Alleluia (Cameroon Song)|by Rhythm choir at Evangelical Tv program
Hallelujah chorus by Rhythm National Choir 2020


ሞቻለሁ"Mochalehu"-New song by Rhythm National Choir Passover Live Concert @IEC on March 29,2021


አንተን አልጣ - ዘማሪ ረታ ጳውሎስ ከሪትም ናሽናል መዘምራን ጋር || Anten Alta - Reta Paulos with Rhythm National Choir