Shone Mulu Wongel Choir

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History and ministry

Shone [Had. Shonee] is the capital of [East] Badawacho Zone, a Hadiyya enclave.

Cumbers, Count It All Joy, p. 172:

“Demissie [Deleso] was born near Shone, Kembata [Province]. In 1979 and 1980 the churches in that district suffered great persecution from the Marxist government. The young people were particularly singled out for attack. Demissie was the leader of the youth group in his [Kale Heywet] church. […] One Sunday when 24 young men and women were meeting together in the church a government offical came and arrested all of them. […] On that occasion the youth were imprisoned for two months. One of their most unpleasant tasks was to go from one place to another unde rguard, for the purpose of digging toilet holes for the citizens of Shone. […] Knowing of the authorities’ expressed opposition to the Christians, one can only express surprise that the believers were permitted to hold a ‘conference’ in the prison. […]

Debebe Lemma trained members of the Shone Mulu Wongel Church in accordion and guitar playing in 1975:

courtesy Debebe Lemma

Gospel singers connected to Shone Mulu Wongel Church









Further reading

Cumbers, John. Count It All Joy: Testimonies From A Persecuted Church. Kearney, NE: Morris, 1995.

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