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History and ministry

“Zema for Christ is an Ethiopian gospel band which incorporates both worship songs and gospel ministry. This band is a group of devoted women and men that have given their talents, callings, visions and commitments to the whole ministry. Zema for Christ before having its official name as a group, was a vision born out of passion to worship God by creating a favorable atmosphere to worship God through scripturally sound songs and good musical standard, with the Core value ‘to give our best to God.’ ” (quoted from the group’s official YouTube Channel) ‘


(1) Bemamenie bicha [በማመኔ ብቻ, _ _ _]. _ _ _ 2007 (A.M. ?)

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vol. 1 (adapted from WikiMezmur.org)

(2) Kebur qen [ክቡር ቀን, _ _ _]. _ _ _ 2013

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(3) Lamesginih 2 [_ _ _]. _ _ _ 2018.


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