St. Matthew in Oromo (1841)

Evangelium Matthaei, translatum in linguam Gallarum. Auctore J. L. Krapf, missionario. Ankobari, regni Shoarum capitalis.
[The Gospel according to Matthew, translated into the language of the Galla. Authored by Rev J. L. Krapf, missionary, (with the help of Barkii) in Ankobar, the capital of the Kingdom of Shewa.] [London: R. Watts] 1841.

Source: Google Books


  • When Krapf left Ethiopia in 1843, he had also completed drafts of the Gospel according to Mark, Genesis and Paul’s Epistle to the Romans. These translations were revised in the 1870s with the help of Oromo co-workers.
  • This translation is the basis for the grammatical treatise,
    F. Schmidt, “Abriss der Schoagallagrammatik”, Zeitschrift der Deutschen Morgenl√§ndischen Gesellschaft 22 (1968): 225-48. [OpenData, Halle Univ.]