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(aka Addisu Werku)

“According to Addisu, the emperor was so fascinated by the songs he heard aired through RVOG that he wanted to know more about the singer. Addisu was called by the emperor and helf brief, as he desribed, ‘intense conversations.’ The emperor offered him a scholarship in appreciation of his talent so that it could be used for the advancement of modern music in Ethiopia. Addisu faced some bureaucratic hurdles, and as a result, he could not make use of the opportunity offered.” (Tibebe, Evangelical Movement, p. 409, n. [n. 22-] 24)

[See also general notes on Pentecostal gospel music in Tibebe, Evangelical Movement, p. 174-175 and p. 453, n. 15-17]


Q: Any cassette released before AD 2006?

(1) የመስቀሉ ፍቅር (Yemesqelu feqer; ‘_ _ _’) CD released by _ _ _ 2006.

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Vol. 1

(2) አንዴ ቆርጠናል (Andie qortenal; ‘_ _ _’). CD released by Talent for Christ, Glendale Heights, USA, 2007.

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Vol. 2

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Tibebe Eshete (2009). The Evangelical Movement in Ethiopia: Resistance and Resilience. Waco: Baylor University Press. [see index, p. 471]