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Life and ministry

(aka Addisu Werku)

According to Addisu, the emperor was so fascinated by the songs he heard aired through RVOG [Radio Voice of the Gospel] that he wanted to know more about the singer. Addisu was called by the emperor and held brief, as he desribed, ‘intense conversations.’ The emperor offered him a scholarship in appreciation of his talent so that it could be used for the advancement of modern music in Ethiopia. Addisu faced some bureaucratic hurdles, and as a result, he could not make use of the opportunity offered.

(Tibebe, Evangelical Movement, p. 409, n. [n. 22-] 24)

See also general notes on Pentecostal gospel music in Tibebe, Evangelical Movement, p. 174-175 and p. 453, n. 15-17.


Q: Any cassette released before AD 2006?

(1) የመስቀሉ ፍቅር (Yemesqelu feqer; ‘_ _ _’) CD released by _ _ _ 2006.

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(2) አንዴ ቆርጠናል (Andie qortenal; ‘_ _ _’). CD released by Talent for Christ, Glendale Heights, USA, 2007.

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Gospel Singer Adisu Worku at Kiya Talk Show


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For further reading

Tibebe Eshete (2009). The Evangelical Movement in Ethiopia: Resistance and Resilience. Waco: Baylor University Press. [See index, p. 471]