Adhanom Teklemariam

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Life and Ministry


Resides in Charlotte, NC (according to his FB profile).


(1) _ _ _ (Albastros). _ _ _ 2019.


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JMT -Interview wth man Of God  Adhanom Teklemariam  (መዝሙር ናይ ሂወተይ ክፋል ዩ )Part 1 official video 2019
JMT - Interview with man of God AdhanomTekelemariam  (ዜማይ ኣይህብን ግጥመይ ኣይህብን  ) Official video 12.2019
JMT - Interview with man of God Adhanom Teklemariam (ኣዲኣ ገዲፋ ሓትናኣ ትናፍቕ ) Official video 12.2019