Alemu Chekole

Life and ministry

Alemu Chekole was a member of Meriha Iwran School Choir.

He belonged to the translation committee of the hymnbook Mahletä Ǝgziʼabǝher.

NB: Eyob Shigute is the son of Shigute Dadda (one of the fathers of Hadiyya/Kambaata KHC)


(1) Eyob Shigute and Alemu Chekole. Yäpənət aməba [የፕንት አምባ, Punt Plateau (Google Tr.)]. CD released by _ _ _ in 2015.

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Songs in hymnbooks

Mahletä Ǝgziʼabǝher

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Further reading

Alemu Checole, assisted by Samuel Asefa. “Mennonite Churches in Eastern Africa,” in Anabaptist Songs in African Hearts, ed. by J.A. Lapp, C.A. Snyder, p. 191-253. Intercourse, PA: Good Books; Kitchener, ON: Pandora Press, 2006. [First publ. by Pandora Pr. and Herald Pr. in 2003 unter the title A Global Mennonite History, Volume One: Africa]