Andersson, August (Rev)

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Life and ministry

August Andersson was born in 1868

He served as a pastor in Agordat, Kulluku (1898-1901), Kulluku (1902-06) and Awsa Konoma (1908-15).

After his first wife had passed away, he got married to Octavia Anderson (née Lindström) in 1907.

Rev Andersson worked in the Kunama area. He published

  • Kunama hymn book, 1st ed., 1904 [30 songs]
  • Kunama hymn book, 2nd ed., 1913 [270 songs]

Rev. August Andersson passed away in 1952.

Songs in hymn books

Anana Kitaba (Kunama Songbook), 1904; 2nd. ed. 1913:

  • tr. and publ. by Rev. Andersson


Octavia & Rev August Anderson
(adapted from a photograph at the SEM Archives)

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