Azeb Hailu

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Life and ministry

Resides in Texas with her husband, Tirusew Shibeshi, in the Houston area. Tirusew is the coordinator of the worship ministry at Ethiopian Christians Fellowship Church in Houston, Texas.


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[posted in 2022:]

“ያለሁበት ድረሰ ደብዳቤ ልከዋል””እገዚአብሄር የሰጠኝ አባቴ ልበለው”?
እናቴ በጠና ታማ ነበር …. አላቋርጥ ማንኳኳቴን…//ባርዬ ባርዬ ሱሪው ስልው ባለቤቴ ተቆጣኝ//አስደሳች የበዓል ቆይታ ከተወዳጅዋ ዘማሪት አዜብ ሐይሉ ጋር.