Begashaw Desalegn

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Life and ministry

Begashaw Desalegn is from the Dilla area

He studied at Holy Trinity College in Addis Ababa and served as a Deacon (from his older FB pages)

Moved from singing to preaching.




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published in 2006:

Ethiopian Orthodox Song


D.n Tizitaw "MERKEBE"

2021 (with Evangelical singers):

መጋቢ በጋሻዉ ደሳለኝ፣ዘማሪ ሱራፈል እና ዘማሪ ሳሙኤል በአንድ መድረክ ተገናኙ/ singer surafel vs begashaw live worship 2021


On Begashaw Desalegn and other (former) Orthodox gospel singers (2021):

"ጀግኖቹ የወንጌል አርበኞች በአዲስ ነገር መጡ" ዋጋ የከፈሉለት ጌታ ሲከፍል

Further reading

Seblewengel Daniel, Perception and Identity: A Study of the Relationship between the Ethiopian Orthodox Church and Evangelical Churches in Ethiopia. Carlisle (UK): Langham Monographs, 2019. [p. 367-69; mention’s Begashaw’s Amharic book, ‘Gamblers under the cross’]