Dawit (Danny) Wolde

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Life and ministry

“Dawit studied at Berklee College of Music in Boston;
he produced the “first Amharic Hip-Hop Gospel album”.

It seems Dawit didn’t record another album.


(1) Mezmur 91 (‘Psalm 91’). CD recorded by Psalm 91 Productions, _ _ _ [Place?], 2005.

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Audio (commercial and freemium)

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Audio (YouTube)


vol. 1 (playlist):

Songs with lyrics

እኔ የማመልከው ጌታዬ (clip publ. in 2020):

ጌታ እንደተናገረ (2021):

የጠራኝ ጌታ የታመነ ነው (2022):

Songs without lyrics

Lene yihe kibir new (clip publ. in 2009):

ስምክ ከስሞች ሁሉ ይልቃል (2013):


Song written by Dawit Wolde (video publ. 2015):