Efrem Soryawi

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Life and Ministry

aka Ephrem the Syrian (306-373).

According to some traditions, Efrem’s writings were introduced to the Ethiopian Church by the “Nine Saints”. They arrived in Axum around AD 480 and established Ge’ez as the language of worship.

The popular Weddase Maryam has been attributed to Efrem by some scholars. Other experts, however, argue that the transmission process was indirect, as the Weddase Maryam is very similar to the Coptic Theotokion (which in turn was influenced by Efrem’s hymns and Byzantine texts).



playlist (2019ff):


Lenten hymn (publ. in 2023):

as sung in the Syriac Orthodox Church of Antioch (publ. in 2021):



Ge’ez prayer: Monday Wudase Maryam (playlist; 2021):


publ. in 2015:

published in 2015:


» Watch 2022 lecture “The Harp of the Spirit: Saint Ephrem the Syrian and the Syriac Christian World” (Saint Photios Orthodox Theological Seminary [USA])

Recorded in 2005:

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