Elias Abite (Prophet)

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Life and ministry

Elias Abite (aka Abete) was born in ….

Founder [of Ethiopian ministry] at “Glory of Zion International Ministries” (website)

Also connected to El-Kavod Ethiopian Evangelical Church in Charlotte, NC (Facebook site)

Lives in Baltimore, Maryland (according to his FB page)


(1) Yemitesewen tuafien alatefam [የሚጤስ ጧፌን አላጠፋም, I will not turn off my steaming oven]. Cassette released by _ _ _ in _ _ _.

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(2) wedemado āshagirenyi [ወደማዶ አሻግረኝ, G: Cross me to the other side] . Cassette released by _ _ _ in _ _ _

(3) Gulbetien endeneser [ጉልበቴን እንደንስር, my energy like an eagle]. CD (?) released by _ _ _ in 2008.


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Songs with lyrics

በዘሬ አይግባ ያልኩት (clip publ. on YT in 2020):

[ተመስገን (2021) no longer available]

የሚያበራ የንጋት ኮከብ (2021):


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