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Life and ministry

Essay Estifanos was born _ _ _ , Eritrea

Lives now in San Jose, CA (according to his FB page)

There are many posts of “Eritrea Church of the Living God in Oakland, CA”,” on his FB page. However, Pastor Essay Estifanos he doesn’t seem to be a staff member there.


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(3) Tinsaena [_ _ _]. _ released in 2020.


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published in 2008:

"መስዋእቲ ምስጋና" meswa'eti msgana: Zemari Essay Estifan


Essay Estifanos tigrina mezmur


Essay Estifanos ናፍቖት ኣሎኒ ደቅኻ ክቡራት 'ዮም Nafkot Aloni!


ንዓይ ዚሓልየለይ ሰብ ኣይኮነን - Essey Estifanos

with lyrics:

Mlash Fqri  by: Essay Estifanos
EsseyEstifanos - //ኣብቲ ዘይካኣል ከኣሊ ኢኻ//Gospel Song |Tigrinya ( (Official Music_Audio )


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