Exodus Getahun

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Life and ministry

A former member of (Hossana)

“Exodus Getahun is an Ethiopian gospel singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, vocal harmonizer, and music producer based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Heavily influenced by Ethio-jazz and soul music, his music incorporates elements from many musical genres and often features a rhythmic and chordal approach. Growing up in a Church, his music is mainly influenced by Abraham and Eyasu Teklemariam, Tewelde Abebayehu, and Union of Maranatha Choir. He eventually fell in love with jazz and became heavily influenced by Artists like Marcus Miller, Jacob Collier, VulfPeck, and Stevie Wonder.”
(Quoted from https://www.musicinafrica.net/directory/exodus-getahun)

Programmer and Co-Founder at Jebdu Labs


(1) _ _ _ _ (Eyayehu; ‘_ _ _’). CD, released by _ _ _ in 2022.


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Exodus Getahun | 10 Songs | Collection |የመዝሙሮች ስብስብ| Apostolic Church Of Ethiopia | apostolicmezmure


published in 2014:

Yih hulu, Apostolic jazz song 2014


Exodus Getahun - Hule Addis - ሁሌ አዲስ
እስክንገናኝ - Eskinigenagn (Tribute song to Bishop Teklemariam)



ቫይራል፡- "እማሆይ ፅጌ ማርያም እንደገና"