Feven Yoseph

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Life and ministry

Feven was born and raised in Dessie, one of the biggest cities in the northern Amhara region of Ethiopia. She studied in Addis Ababa at the mekane yesus school of jazz music, where she later started also teaching and building up the first vocal class in Ethiopia. During that time she recorded her first album Chanting Soul with leading musicians of the jazz scene in Ethiopia.
She currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany, whilst studying popular singing at the University of HdpK. With her songs she tears down existing barriers and builds new bridges, combines spiritual and secular music, blends traditional Ethiopian styles with jazz, reggae and soul and finally uses her voice as a mouthpieces for openness, spirituality and progress in her own country.

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(1) _ _ _ (‘Chanting soul’). Released by _ _ _ , 2018.

(2) Yetsegaw Kiber (‘_ _ _’). Released by Feven Yoseph Records, 2019.


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