Fiseha Desalegn

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Life and ministry

Fiseha Dasalegn Aboche [Hadiyyisa: Fissiha Dassaalanyi] was born in _ _ _

He seems to have grown up in Shone, Baadawwaachcho, Hadiyya Zone (cf. his FB page).

Probably a member of Kale Heywet Church

Fiseha now serves as a worship leader in Addis Ababa.


(1) Maalamoommoyyo. Cassette released in 2011 [distributed in Addis Ababa & USA]

vol. 1

(2) Recorded 1 cassette together with Abdinago Gadisa.

Songs in hymnbook

Waa’i galaxxamona (2013)

No. 375


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vol. 1:

Fiseha Desalegn(Aboche)hadiyisa mezmur full album.የዘማሪ ፍስሃ ደሳለኝ(አቦቼ) ሙሉ አልበም ተባረኩበት። #4K_resolution



published in c. 2011:

hadiya mezmur


Fiseha Desalegn Amazing new Hadiya Protestant Mezmur ኪ ፎሽ ኤንጄኦላ
ዘማሪ ፍስሐ ደሳለኝ/cover song/አን ለኦሞዮ/እኔ አላውቅም/ Amazing Ethiopian Gospel cover Song 2020