Gatdet Peter

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Life and Ministry

Gatdet Peter Gatkuoth Gatdet Peter Gatkuoth was born in ….

Went to Gambella Secondary and Preparatory School

Associated with Sound of Revival (Nuer gospel musicians)

Lives in Addis Ababa (according to his FB)


(1) _ _ _

(2) _ _ _ (‘God of Mercy’). CD released by _ _ _ in 2019 (?).


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Album / collection

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kɛ ɣöö ti̱ tetdä cuëcdɛ by Gatdet Peter

with lyrics:

Cɔalä ji̱ Kuoth bër liŋ jɔw nyuänä jäŋädu || Gatdet Peter
Gatdet Peter   (nhokdu ditde official Lyric video)


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