Gidaada Solon (Rev)


“Macaafa Faarsa (Hymn Book) is another book composed of Oromiffa hymns30. The first edition was printed around 1967 by the Betel Church, which later joined the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus (EECMY). The songbook had 86 songs, printed only with the lyrics. There was no music and no references to melodies from other hymnbooks. Some of the songs were translations from English and others were new-composed lyrics sung on traditional Oromo melodies, many of them in a responsorial form. The songs were composed before the Italian occupation of Ethiopia (1936-1941) by Qes Gidada [Solon], Qes Mamo [Chorqa] and other Oromo evangelists.”

Nilsson (forthcoming), chapt. 2
(based on oral interview with Fiixee Birrii)

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