Gidada Solon (Rev.)

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Life and ministry

Gidada Solon [Qubee: Gidaada Solon] was born in Aläqa Sotalo, near Sayyoo [Dambi Dolloo] in 1901.


Marianne Nilsson writes (forthcoming book on Ethiopian Gospel Music, ch. 2):

“Some of the songs [in Macaafa Faarsa] were translations from English and others were new-composed lyrics sung on traditional Oromo melodies, many of them in a responsorial form. The songs were composed before the Italian occupation of Ethiopia (1936-1941) by Qes Gidada, Qes Mamo and other Oromo” ministers.

Songs in hymn book

Macaafa Faarsa (1967; 1980)

Nr. _ _ _


Gidada Solon in 1959
(adapted from
Gidada Solon and his wife
(adapted from

Further reading


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